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Welcome to Sonus in Arlington, VA

If you're considering a visit to Sonus in Arlington, you're making a smart choice. We understand that facing hearing loss can be tough.  Dr. Sandra Romano is trained to provide the highest level of care, including an in-depth evaluation about your specific needs. From testing hearing to custom-fitting your hearing aids, her attention to your hearing health is unparalleled. Using our Patient-Centered Approach Dr. Romano will work with you to formulate a hearing solution that is specific to your needs. We dispense a variety of the industry's top hearing aid brands, so finding you the best hearing aid possible remains our sole focus. It's imperative that your hearing aids are comfortable and work well, which is why we offer a generous 75-day trial period in addition to free follow up visits with Dr. Romano and a comprehensive warranty with free batteries for up to three years. With Sonus, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be able to hear laughter, music, and heartfelt conversations for years to come. So come in and experience why more and more people in Arlington put their hearing health in the hands of Dr. Romano and Sonus.

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For nearly 20 years, Sonus, has been diligently providing the best possible hearing solutions and hearing loss care for patients around the world. We founded our company on the principles of building trustworthy, long-term relationships with our patients so they can hear better today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Our patient loyalty and customer satisfaction ratings are some of the highest in the industry.

In order to fulfill our mission, we have created welcoming patient care centers with audiologists that put you at ease and ensure that you're receiving the best possible care. We also believe that everything - the financing, the technology, the maintenance - should be affordable and easy to understand and use. That's why we offer one of the longest trial periods, as well as some of the most generous warranty lengths, in the industry. We're not just about improving your hearing - Sonus is about improving your quality of life.

Sonus is dedicated to excellence in the field of audiology. As part of this commitment, we support audiology students at universities across the country, offering scholarships to students in their third and fourth year of studies. Additionally, we are part of the Amplifon Group, an international network of 3,000 locations and over 3,500 service centers. Amplifon is the largest distributor of hearing aids in the world, is an audiological research leader, and sponsors projects in partnership with the Center for Research and Study, a nonprofit institution devoted to hearing education and research.

What we are doing in Arlington, VA

At Sonus, we want to make sure your initial hearing evaluation is as accurate, comfortable, and hassle-free as possible. Since your input is important for a proper screening, we want you to know what to expect during your visit, so you aren't spending your time with us wondering, "What's next? " or "What should I be doing now? "

When you first arrive at a Sonus office, you'll meet with our Patient Care Coordinator (PCC), who will walk you through the forms that need to be filled out for your visit. These forms will provide the office with the necessary insurance and contact information that they will need. Additionally, the PCC will have you answer a brief set of questions that will help your hearing care provider better understand those situations and experiences that may be causing you difficulty hearing.

Once your forms are completed, you will meet with the Audiologist. You'll spend the next several minutes speaking with him/her about your hearing. They will ask you about your relevant medical and ear disorder history and get a better understanding of how any hearing loss may be affecting your daily activities. Then, they will briefly explain how the human hearing system works and the meaning of the results of the evaluation they are about to perform.

At this point, your Audiologist will conduct your hearing evaluation. The evaluation will involve several tests to help determine hearing sensitivity for specific pitches, speech levels, and how background noise affects your hearing comprehension.

Depending on the results of your initial evaluation and the answers provided during your interview, there may also be tests of your middle and inner ear function (tympanometry and otoacoustic emissions).

After the tests are complete, your Audiologist will clearly explain the results and recommended solutions for you. If your hearing is within normal range, the recommendation may simply be for annual hearing testing. If the tests show evidence of a condition that is medically or surgically treatable, you will be referred to a physician for medical evaluation and possible treatment. Should results suggest a permanent, not-medically-treatable hearing loss, the provider may recommend hearing aids.

All recommendations are based on a combination of the results of your hearing test and the discussions of your needs, lifestyle, and hearing loss experience.

What our Patients say about Sonus

"Dr. Romano, I wanted to share the results of my recent appointment with you in May.  The digital adjustments you made to the hearing aids have made a dramatic improvement in my ability to clearly and distinctly capture sound!!  I am very happy to know my concerns were not my imagination and those concerns were able to be corrected.  What a pleasant difference!!  The adjustments help me be more confident in my ability to hear.  Thank you so much for the time you spent with me!!"   - Jana K.
"Dr. Sandra Romano is a true professional and a credit to the ranks of the skilled audiologist."   - George H.

"Dr. Romano is a caring, compassionate audiologist. I went to Dr. Romano for a free screening only, I wasn't ready to purchase a hearing aid. The way she explained to me the complications of leaving my hearing decline, then shedding light on the numerous benefits of a hearing aid which will effect my social life thus a healthy outlook towards life. Her explanation opened my eyes to the importance of clear hearing. Dr. Romano is awesome, I will always speak of her professionalism which exceeded all my expectations.I owe her a lot for helping me to participate back with society. Thank you Dr. Romano."   - Evelyn I.

"Four years ago with my 1st audiologist, who recommended hearing aids and was very negative, I had a bad experience. Dr. Romano was completely different - helpful and professional."   - Anna D.

"I was amazed by the kindness and professionalism of Dr. Romano. I had the best customer experience that went beyond my expectations!"  - Jonathan A.
"I am writing to express my appreciation for Dr. Sandra Romano's professionalism and successful fitting and adjustments of my Starkey hearing aids.  Prior to meeting with Dr. Romano, I had extensive visits with two other audiologists and a hearing specialist.  Only one of these people seemed equally skilled at educating me about my hearing and hearing aids. Only Dr. Romano had two brands of hearing aids for me to test during our first meeting, each of which had been recommended by the others.  Because Dr. Romano had both models on hand I was able to compare them without delay and I believe I was able to make an informed decision.  I returned for a second appointment to adjust the aids.  In the process of thorough testing, Dr. Romano demonstrated great patience and resolved the problems I had encountered."  - Sara K.

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Hearing Care Professionals – Doctor of Audiology

When meeting with any healthcare specialist, you want to be confident they are experts. At Sonus, we believe the professional helping you find the right hearing aid should instill this level of confidence. That is why there is an Audiologist with a Doctor of Audiology that has met all of the state license requirements at our Arlington location.

Hearing Aids

At Sonus, our Hearing Health Care Professionals will not only evaluate your hearing, but also want to understand your lifestyle. Their knowledge is invaluable when it comes to choosing your hearing aid. With Sonus Solutions™ you receive even more than a customized hearing aid. Our packages include up to three years of hearing aid service, free batteries, and more.

Hearing Screenings

While it's a good idea to research hearing and hearing loss, it's critical that you receive a hearing screening from a professional. This is why Sonus recommends that adults be screened at least every decade through age 50 and at two-year intervals after that. The sooner a hearing problem is detected and addressed, the more effectively it can be treated. It's a quick, easy, and free way to know if you are experiencing hearing loss.*

*In some locations hearing evaluations are always free. They may not be complete medical exams and are only intended to assist with amplification selection.

Hearing Aid Repair Services

A hearing aid is a very personalized device. After finding one that fits well and matches your lifestyle, you'll want to make sure that you're covered in case it needs service. At Sonus, you'll enjoy a three year warranty* that includes complimentary in-office and manufacturer repairs.

*See store for complete warranty details.

Hearing Protection Services

Ask a Sonus Hearing Health Care Professional in Arlington for information about our custom hearing protection options.

Hearing Aid Demonstrations

Sonus in Arlington has demonstrations of different hearing aids, so that you can get a sense of what your improved hearing may sound like. Call us today to schedule your demonstration.*

*Hearing aids cannot restore natural hearing. Success with hearing aids depends on a number of factors, including hearing loss severity and ability to adapt to amplification.

Wax Removal Services

At Sonus in Arlington, a Hearing Health Care Professional can remove wax buildup from inside your ear canal. In some instances, this simple solution can restore your hearing and eliminate discomfort, fullness, or extraneous noise. A Sonus Hearing Test can help determine if wax removal is all that's needed to improve your hearing health.

Hearing Aid Financing

Sonus in Arlington offers flexible financing* options to help you cover the cost of your new hearing device.

*Work with your financial institution.

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